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RCMI finishes EP for Pittsburgh band “LocaL”….

RCMI is proud to have worked with this great three piece. They were such a fun group to hang out with and make some great music. Hopefully we will be seeing them again soon to start a full length project. Check out these samples and let us know what you think.
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RCMI keeps adding to it’s ever growing microphone locker…

You go out to see a friend and you come back having purchased 6 new microphones. I think the first step is admitting we have a problem. Please let us know if you understand the addiction.
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Brian Albig Wins Second Round of Pittsburgh Acoustic Challenge…

RCMI wants to congratulate all of the participants in the last night round of Pittsburgh’s Acoustic Challenge (Brian Albig, Bruce Hoffman, Michael Gruber, Rubbie Greenewald, Bryce Rabideau, and Crystal Morgan). It was great to see some old friends of the studio and meet some new talented musicians. Great work everyone!!

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RCMI Works On New Project with Producer Karl E. Held And Engineer Harold Chambers….

RCMI had the opportunity to work with producer Karl E. Held this past week. Boy does this guy know what he is doing. A big thank you goes out to Harold Chambers of the PSO for organizing the session, and to Shadyside Presbyterian church for providing such a great hall. Can’t wait to start editing […]

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RCMI Finished Weekend of Recording with “LocaL”…..

RMCI just finished a weekend of tracking with Pittsburgh band “LocaL”. It is always great recording new music but when the people playing it are this much fun it’s just that much better. Red Bull, Coffee, Jack Daniels, and music this is the life.  Should have some samples of the new project up soon.  Keep […]

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