Engineer and Producer Dino Distefano RCMI New Home!

RCMI is pleased to announce that engineer and producer Dino Distefano has decided to make our studios his new home. We are all very excited to have someone with his experience on board. Please contact us if you want to talk with Dino about a new project. (412) 434-1630

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RCMI is featured in Pittsburgh Trib

RCMI is proud to be one of the studios interviewed by Rex Rutkoski for this great article " 'Burgh recording studios each carving out a niche".  RCMI owner and head engineer Jesse Naus was quoted a number of times in the article along with Rich Kulbacki from RCMI band -Rising Regina.  Check it out and [...]

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RCMI is running a new Facebook Promo…

RCMI is running a new 500/50/5 Facebook promotion.  Its pretty simple, if we get 500 new likes by October 25th we will give a 50% discount on studio time for a 5 day stretch in November.  Please pass this on to friends and fans; we really want to reach our goal of 500 new likes. [...]

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