Jesse NausOwner/Engineer
Starting his music career as a performer, Jesse was trained on piano, drums, and Saxophone from an early age. While never losing his love of playing his focus did move to music/sound engineering in 2001. After receiving his BM in sound recording from Duquesne University Music School, he started his professional career working with Digital Dynamics Audio Inc. In 2007 he purchased the company from it original owners and turned it into what it is today (Red Caiman Media, Inc.). Jesse is now a full time engineer at Red Caiman Media Inc, an adjunct professor of audio at Duquesne University, and adjunct professor of business at Point Park University, and The Chair of the City Music Center Technology program.
Dino Gabriel DiStefanoEngineer / Producer
Dino is a Grammy award winning recording engineer, known locally as one of the top jazz and acoustic recording engineers. His work for over 25 years has ranged from sessions with Herbie Hancock and Paquito d’Rivera to sessions The Cynics, Peter Gabriel, and Christina Aguilera. While working at Audiomation Studios on the North Side in the early 90’s, he was asked to join the team at the Manchester Craftsman’s Guild which gave him the experience of recording some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world. He started to add to his repertoire with work in film and video production in 1999 while living in Seattle. Since then he has worked on large feature films, many documentaries, and live broadcast music shows such as WQED’s Live From Studio A, as a sound recordist and audio post mixer.
Oriel BarryEngineer / Producer
Oriel began his musical journey at a young age singing in choir, playing clarinet and starting a drum band in his native country of Dominica. He moved to Pittsburgh is 2001 and began producing music in 2003, producing for a number of local and international musicians. In 2009 he opened the Auditorium Studios along with partner Justin “Chaz” Peacock. In 2012 he joined with RCMI and has completed projects ranging from acapella Groups to live band and is considered RCMI’s Hip/Hop, RnB and Reggae specialist.
Mike Dorman
Mike DormanAssistant Engineer
Mike Dorman is an audio engineer, musician and teacher from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Mike has studied music from music from the age of 9, first as a saxophone player, and ultimately as a guitarist. The guitars strong connection with technology would eventually lead Mike to fall in love with recording, and unify his two passions into the unique skill set he possesses today. A graduate of Duquesne University’s Mary Pappert School of Music, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Music studying Sound Recording and Jazz Guitar, as well as a Masters Degree in Digital Music Pedagogy. Mike currently works as an Adjunct Professor of Music Technology with Duquesne University in the Mary Pappert School of Music. As an audio engineer, Mike works in an array of environments such as recording studios, concert venues, clubs, corporate events and more.
Lee HintenlangEngineer
A graduate from Duquesne University’s Music Technology program, Lee’s infatuation with recording began (like so many others) in the basements of high school rock bands. Taking the role of both talent and engineer molded his perspective on the recording process. After attending Duquesne and obtaining his Bachelors in Music, Lee continued his education and went on to graduate with his Master’s in Multimedia from Duquesne University. Lee’s passion for music and recording brought him to Red Caiman Media where he continues to explore experiences from both sides of the glass. He performs and records with the local Folk Rock band City Dwelling Nature Seekers as well as the newly formed Silencio.
Mike Hammer
Mike HammerEngineer
Mike has a passion for music that has expanded to all aspects of the audio industry over the last 15 years. He has played multiple instruments in several bands and has released 4 albums. His passion became a career when he was hired at World of Music in Erie, PA to head up their Recording and PA department. After 2 years he moved to Pittsburgh where he spent the next 4 years honing his skills at Pianos N Stuff in the Recording and PA department. Now Mike works as an engineer for Red Caiman Media where he has completed projects ranging from electronic music to live bands to sound and music design for film and everything in between.